March 5, 2014


Five years after my first introduction to Dental Sleep Apnoea, I was blown away by how much I really didn't know before I attended Anne-Maree's Program - it truly opened my eyes to the intricacies of sleep and disturbances of sleep. Whether you wish to treat these individuals and improve their health and quality of life or not, I believe it is in our duty of care to look for the signs and symptoms of disturbed sleep in our patients and to manage or refer them appropriately! This course provides the knowledge to do just that!

Do yourself (and your patients) a favour and do this course. Thankyou Anne-Maree.

Chris Dimos (Melb)


The best 3 days of professional development I have had for a very long time. Anne-Maree never fails to please and is one of the most passionate and committed dentists and educators around. The physiological approach to sleep medicine is essential for everyone wanting to change their patient’s lives and elevates dentistry in the eyes of the medical profession. Just do it and your professional satisfaction will grow enormously.


This course will open your eyes. You will look at your patients in a totally different way afterwards - George Lee (Sydney)


Time well spent. Brilliant!


Anne-Maree has single handily created a new standard of excellence for the treatment of sleep disorder screening.


Many of us treat patients for sleep disorder breathing. However, there is much to learn about the damage to our physiology and how we as dentists can treat this. Anne-Maree has knowledge second to none and an ability to teach this is a way that is immediately applicable to our patients. She tells it as she sees it.


It’s a must course for every dentist, especially for MAS providers. I have been a Somnomed Platinum provider for 6 years. All my unsolved questions are answered today! - Dr. Scott Park


Simply put, this course is amazing! Anne-Maree has found the Holy Grail of the dental world; She has solved the riddle. Future Generations will be reading about her in history books


Thank you for a fantastic program. I will never see my patients in the same light again


Anne-Maree is an inspiration and deep well of knowledge. Excellent Course


I would encourage all dentists to learn to not only recognise sleep apnoea but to treat it with confidence in a physiological way. If you want to learn how to “knock it out of the park” I would encourage dentists to attend one of Dr Anne-Maree Cole’s 3 day courses. She shares all her experience including hands on demonstrations of techniques.
You go back to work Monday morning and you are ready to start treating your patients. Plus you will get ongoing support if you join the sleep study club.

Second to none life changing for you and your patients (and theirs lives)


Great info to be able to implement straight away. Anne-Maree is a great teacher!


Anne-Maree personifies excellence! She has put together years of clinical excellence with contemporary Academic knowledge. It will enable the practitioners to provide unequalled care and save many patients’ years of misery. An absolutely wonderful learning experience.


Dr Anne-Maree Cole is about to take many, many dentists out of their comfort level with her physiological approach to dental sleep medicine. Her new 3 day program is a must for dentists who wish to raise the standard of their patient care. I comfortably recommend this 3 day course to others. It is a world class course that should not be missed. Thank you Anne-Maree - Neil Cheesman


The course was a real eye opener for me. It was by far the best and most comprehensive course I have attended on the matter of sleep dentistry. I was able to bring it back to work and start sharing my new acquires knowledge with my patients, I have sent 5 people away for CBCT and sleep study in just one day of work. Please pass on my appreciation to Anne-Maree. I had no previous knowledge on the issue of OSA or sleep dentistry so for me to be able to explain this to the patient with confidence really was something. Thank you once again for everything. - Claire Chiu


Anne-Maree Thank you for a great course in Sydney! It was inspiring and I applaud you for your detailed and thorough presentation and treatment protocols. - Dr Roslyn Dick


It was a fantastic program! I am excited about this ADSMC, really just gives us the confidence to get moving. The fact that there is a regular opportunity to trouble shoot with experts and have a sounding board is invaluable. Vadi

Having done a Master in Sleep Medicine, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine. This course will teach you the theory and practical components to start your dental sleep medicine practice. It is an excellent program that will change the way you see dentistry. - Dr Manish Shah

Don’t be put off by people that have never done this course that tell you that it’s hocus. Everything that Anne-Maree says is very practical and common sense driven. Her passion for the physiologic approach clearly shows through her teaching. Highly recommended.

A highly informative course, delivered with great passion and expertise... An exceptional dental education experience.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to course and come away feeling so confident to immediately implement a brand new aspect to my practice that this course on Dental Sleep Medicine by Anne-Maree Cole has. Thank you very much.

Finally I feel I can put the puzzle together. I have completed many programs but now I feel I can move forward with confidence and in the right direction.   Andrea Perdis

Anne-Maree has an amazing way of teaching. Many unanswered questions were clarified for me. Meng Quah-Shepherd.

After having attended dental sleep courses in both Australia and the United States, I can confidently state that this course is the most comprehensive and well presented, sleep medicine lecture series to enable dentists to immediately implement sleep medicine into their practices. The physiologic approach just makes sense. Dr Jason Gray

Came to course with no knowledge of the subject and went with storehouse of information, knowledge and deliverance of the useful subject in my practice from next week. Excellent. Thank you very much Anne-Maree and team.


Thank- you Anne-Maree for sharing your knowledge. Sleep is such an important area that has been neglected by many general dentists. After doing the course, I believe I can provide a more comprehensive care for all my patients. Thanks again. I thank you on behalf of all my patients who can benefit from the treatment from physiologic approach in the future. Dr Wei Shen, Cooroy, Qld.