July 27, 2018

Controlled Arch Orthodontics

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Upcoming Jaw Development Orthodontics Course:

Controlled Arch

Presented by Dr Anne-Maree Cole B.D.Sc MScMed (Sleep Medicine)
Keynote speaker at 2018 IAO Conference

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 July 2018.

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"I am passionate about this subject. I am especially excited that tools and techniques and thinking has changed that we can reverse many of these aberrant changes and stimulate your physiology to change what is wrong, and root cause to many signs and symptoms that my patients suffer. We can grow new bone at any age. You only have to fracture a limb to realise that! The body is completely ready, willing and able, it just needs the stimulus. The orthopaedic, orthodontic tools we use provide that stimulation and the function of the big 3: lip seal, tongue posture and nasal breathing ensure the body responds appropriately to the care.

I love to fix what is wrong. I love even more to prevent it. The past does not have to equal the future."
- Dr Anne-Maree Cole B.D.Sc MScMed (Sleep Medicine)

As developed by Dr Steve Galella and presented by NAOL Australia.